David Young review – Caught in the Mousetrap

Below is the wonderful review of Caught in the Mousetrap by David Young, award winning author of Stasi Wolf, Stasi Child and soon to be published the Darker State.

“Fans of Len Deighton or Philip Kerr will enjoy this excellent Cold War thriller set in 1961. A city about to be sliced in half by the notorious Berlin Wall is expertly described by author Grant, whose love and knowledge of history shine through. One of the best self-published novels I’ve read.”


Great feedback – Thanks to David for that.

The third book is nearly completed and should be with the publisher during February.

Exciting times!

BERLIN: The Schultz Family Trilogy

The first book in the Schultz family trilogy is on sale on Amazon – Kindle and Paperback edition.


The second book in the series is well underway and will be published in early Autumn – I have added a few photos of the scenes around Berlin at the end of the war and immediately after.

The Schultz family story goes back to World War II to tell Klaus and Maria’s story, as well as the early years of their children Ulrich and Eva.

The second book in the trilogy will transport you to the battle ground of Stalingrad right through to the battle ground of Berlin as the Russian soldiers storm the city…

Watch this space…




BERLIN: Caught in the Mousetrap in Paperback


Now available in paperback on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com – see link above.

Many thanks for all the wonderful feedback on the book so far.

The second book is well under way…

The Schultz family story will continue soon…


Bernauer Strasse/ Lennestrasse and the Teltowkanal

I thought I’d share some new images on the website header.

Many of the daring escapes in Berlin in August and September 1961 centred around Bernauer Strasse. The apartment buildings formed part of the Eastern, Soviet Sector and the pavement (where you can see many people waiting to catch others jumping from windows above) was in the French sector of West Berlin.

Later inhabitants of these buildings were evacuated and the buildings bricked up (see photo) and later destroyed altogether.

Two photos are of a breach in the first fence of the Berlin “Wall” later on August 13th 1961 on Lennestrasse. This area is in the central part of Berlin close to the Tiergarten, between Potsdamer Platz and the Brandenburg Gate.

The Teltowkanal formed part of the border between Soviet and US sectors of Berlin.

So why am I telling you all this?

A teaser !!!

All these areas (and some of the actual events) will form the backdrop for Berlin: Caught in the Mousetrap…

Coming Soon!


BERLIN: Caught in the Mousetrap

I hope you like the title!

Well, things are progressing quite nicely. A large section of draft has been recently sent to first readers (you know who you are….Butts, Stan and HB…Thanks as always)

The work continues after that section – I have just written a particular part centred around Bernauer Strasse – hence the picture – I trust it sets the scene!

My target is to have the book ready by April…

Updates to follow.

You can contact me on info@paulgrant-author.com with any questions or comments.